If you were listening to Sydney breakfast radio in the 1970s then you were listening to Ian MacRae on 2SM. It was the highest rating show in Australia at the time and whether you were 8 (as I may have been) or 80, odds are you were listening to Macca as you got ready to go to work or school.

Ian made a name for himself aboard a ship that was a pirate radio station in International waters off the coast of England. These guys were cutting edge radio jocks living life on the wrong side of the law whilst endearing themselves to millions of young UK residents, doing what the BBC was incapable of doing at the time… ENTERTAINING YOUNG PEOPLE.

Ian, who is now a bi-weekly co-contributor on the Dean Mackin Show on TNT Radio and we had a half hour chat about the pirate radio days and how they were playing up and coming new groups such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Click on the link below if you missed it.

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