It only took me 5 minutes to set this page up! My question is WHY CAN’T AUSTRALIA BE RUN THE SAME WAY? You should be able to vote on each and every issue ELECTRONICALLY! Politicians offer only the ILLUSION OF CONTROL!

The below poll on your thoughts towards the gay-marriageproposed gay marriage plebiscite will be published when the poll closes on 01-09-2015 at 23:59:59. If bar below is blank it is because you have already voted once. Please check back here for the result on the 2nd September. We will also post it on my facebook page so be sure to click LIKE on the bottom left corner of this web site.

Who would you prefer to be the Australian Primeshorten and abbott Minister right now? None of the above is not a valid option for this poll 🙂

Percentages displayed after you vote on this poll. It will run until the end of the year or so.

Should property developers have the rightlocal councils to be on local councils? Luke Foley suggested recently that they should be banned. What do you think?

Would you prefer to have the fate of this countryedemocracy decided by the leader of a party (or any politician for that matter) or would you prefer to periodically use your computer, smartphone or tablet to vote on EACH ISSUE YOURSELF and in turn do away with the role of the politician?