Neil Erikson

Here are your hard earned tax dollars going into wages for piss weak policing in Victoria.

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Labor could calculate speeding fines based on your income

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I’ll be talking to Senator Fraser Anning on-air Saturday afternoon. If you have any questions you would like me to ask him, feel free to write..

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France and Germany ‘plot to merge borders, economies and defence policies in latest step towards EU superstate’

Just how stupid are the people of Europe these days to cop this shit?

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Foreign donation for GetUp ‘concerning’

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9 News Gold Coast

In case you haven’t seen this poll yet. I just voted NO. I think this guy is the politician many of us had been waiting for! He says and does..

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This meme is all over the Channel 9 Sydney Facebook page! I LOVE IT! LET’S SHARE THIS ONE FAR AND WIDE! PS: I especially love the driver’s side..

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9 News Sydney

Sticking it to the man!!

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St John Ambulance WA- Bruce Rock

As a motorcyclist, I feel compelled to share this post! ALWAYS wear a bloody helmet!

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For those of you who were tuned in on Saturday afternoon, I did a quick live phone poll (where people go straight to air and give their answer)..

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White House Brief

Watch this EPIC MORON prove Donald Trump’s point for him! Nothing like kicking an OWN-GOAL, Jimmy boy! This fella is the gold standard for imbeciles..

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When did it all start to go wrong?

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Sad, but true! I pinched this one off Grant Goldman’s page. Too good not to share.

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Please join me tonight from 6pm til midnight on the Super Radio Network throughout NSW and QLD. Had to give last night a miss due to food poisoning..

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Happy new year to you all!! 😉

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Photos from Dean Mackin - Super Radio Network's post

I shared a link to that imbecile Anglican priest in Gosford who compared the suffering of holocaust victims to those on the Island paradises..

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Anglican Parish of Gosford

Can you believe what this unhinged grub has put up this week?

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Tommy Robinson supporters sing Owen Benjamin’s, “How they rule ‘ya”

How they rule ya! Worth a watch, I reckon. Happy new year to you all!

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Merry Christmas everybody!! Doing the Christmas eve shift tonight so be sure to ring in and say g’day on 13 12 69. Kicking off at 6pm NSW time.

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Not everything was better in the good old days! I did my best to fact check this and apparently it is real.

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Javid is favourite to replace May, with Hunt, Raab and Boris behind

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Theresa May faces no confidence vote

Replace one globalist puppet with another, to keep the sheeple voting for the party (and associated mechanisms) that instruct them!

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SBS News poll

That look you get on your face when the people who think the migrant intake it TOO HIGH goes UP to 83% from 43% last year! Great job attempting..

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Firstly, let me apologize for the exaggerated LUMPS I photoshopped onto the Earth BUT I had a fellow implying I was clueless about climate change..

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RedPill Factory - Make Britain Great Again

Here’s a feelgood movie for you all to enjoy over… and over… and over.

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