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The more I hear from this fellow, the more I like Senator Fraser Anning https://www.facebook.com/futurenownews/videos/232505197440938/

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Alternative view Ireland.

You shouldn’t exclude anybody in your opening statement 😉 https://www.facebook.com/AltviewIreland/videos/2025776767670866/

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Turnbull dumps Paris target

Don’t get too excited, we didn’t EXIT the agreement. It is, however, an improvement in the situation. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/malcolm-turnbull-dumps-paris-agreement-rets/news-story/4111d848e1b1dc78b0e9e6ab903929c2

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A tribute to Assange, Snowden and the likes.

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I won’t mention his name, because I like the bloke, but one of the One Nation candidates posted this on his page today, — I’VE HEARD SOME COMMENTS..

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OK look, I know I’m basically just teasing saying this. I also understand that it is unlikely even in the event that Dutton wins this upcoming..

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It’s on like Donkey Kong! It is all but confirmed that Dutton will challenge Turnbull for the leadership. I understand that MOST of us would..

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In lieu of Pauline’s recent comments in regards to Senator Fraser Anning’ wanting to bring back the White Australia Policy and her subsequent..

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A brilliant post by Clem Wheatley in response to one of mine below. He posted a list of the other times in the last 18 years where the phrase..

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Should Senator Fraser Anning apologize for his speech in which he advocated a return to the White Australia Policy?

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ABC News

The unbiased, taxpayer funded ABC are running a poll asking if Senator Fraser Anning should apologise for his speech. Please go on there and..

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Anning's 'final solution' speech attracts bipartisan condemnation | Sky News Australia

As I’ve said time and time again, people! When it comes to the THINGS THAT REALLY MATTER, there is FULL BIPARTISAN SUPPORT to go AGAINST that…..

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Just contacted Senator Fraser Anning. Looking forward to having him on my program shortly.

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I agree with this, unfortunately. Very sad.

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Senator Fraser Anning

I applaud Senator Fraser Anning for this. If you were offended by any generic term he may have used you may wish to join the rest of the outrage..

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Fraser Anning speech 'straight from Goebbels' handbook', says Pauline Hanson

I said from day 1 that I thought Senator Fraser Anning was 1) right in leaving One Nation and not wanting to deal with the likes of James Ashby..

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A singer with gastro getting more media attention than the plight of our farmers! Thanks for again outing yourselves mainstream media! I won’t..

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The American People Respond To Alex Jones’ Censoring

They’ve blocked Alex Jones and INFOWARS on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and many other major platforms. Don’t let them control what you do and do not see…

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Robertson Brothers (Official Music Page)

I don’t normally do this, but these guys and this show is just SO GOOD that I feel I should. Thoroughly advise getting to see this show if you..

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Defence News India

The religion of PEACE and TOLERANCE at it again! Coming to a town near YOU thanks to the UNITED NATIONS and its globalist infiltrators that most..

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OK people… you will need to take a couple of stemetil tablets before watching this one! OK, so basically BILLIONS of dollars for Foreign aid..

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Just think how tough our farmers are doing it right now in drought-affected parts of Australia, and how little money the Australian government..

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Climate change contributing to drought: PM

So, wait! The polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising… yet the same lie somehow covers drought now, too? Unbelievable. Perhaps give..

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Not on this weekend, people. Enjoy the footy 😉

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Thrown Out Of Sydney No Go Zone

If you haven’t watched this, then you NEED TO! Australian Police Inspector flat out re-writing NSW and Australian law in favour of his own brand..

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