UN inspectors to visit Australian prisons under anti-torture pact

No doubt they’ll have gift boxes and showbags to give out to all the worst crims while they’re at it. Why do we continue to vote for parties..

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Thought 007 could never be a woman or black? Well, she's both!

Anybody on here rate themselves even less likely to watch this than me? The P.C. , virtue signalling, appeasing and brainwashing bullshit has..

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It’s quite-off putting when you’re working in a radio studio with a LARGE mouse (or small rat) doing laps of the joint! I’m about to go postal..

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Serena vows to continue fight for equality, but wait goes on for her next major title

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This is why you need to support T0MMY and it is also why we all need to start using an alternative to Facebook. They don’t like it when you support..

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For those who ask regularly, I am NOT on-air this Saturday due to time conflict with AFL.

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I love that they made an movie about Elton John, but the people who did the Freddy Mercury one just did it SO much better, on so many levels…

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What level of EPIC IMBECILE do you need to be to make a face like this in parliament? Only the Greens could have candidates who are actually..

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'Drug war' killings in the Philippines could be a crime against humanity

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Some people have expressed concerns re. the safety of the 5G Network rollout throughout Australia. Symptoms include a perplexed look and increased..

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Ikea sacks worker for anti-gay Bible quotes

This is why the Israel Folau case is so important! Doubtful that the IKEA employ signed an agreement, yet still this happens. This negates the..

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9 News Melbourne

I hope this bloke bought a lottery ticket afterwards! This is just unbelievable! https://www.facebook.com/9NewsMelbourne/videos/852455838465847/

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The surprising number of Victorian flu victims who have been vaccinated | 7NEWS

You couldn’t pay me enough to get a flu shot. https://youtu.be/QA7eObdM9-8

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Just my weekly update to let you know that I will be on the radio this Saturday from 2pm 😉

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Anybody received their refund from GoFundMe, yet? I have yet to see mine. #quicktotriggerslowtorefund

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Back on-air this Saturday from 2pm at the 2SM SUPERNETWORK

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Photos from Dean Mackin - Super Radio Network's post

It’s like a scene from “Breaking Bad” 😉 I can just see Israel Folau sitting there at home clicking REFRESH on his funding page and watching..

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GOFUNDME. The place where it’s OK to fund people who commit criminal acts such as assaulting an Australian Senator, even though they may not..

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That worked out well for you GOFUNDME, didn’t it! 😉 I just upped my original donation to prove that political correctness cannot override free..

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So THIS is cool with Gofundme.com , but Israel Folau’s case isn’t? I’ll be upping my donation to whichever of 100 or more Gofundme alternatives..

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Our Eye on Islam

I’m considering joining the police force.. but may have to move to Europe! 😉 https://www.facebook.com/OurEyeOnIslam/videos/2315985022057261/

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I’m enjoying paneling the sport tonight. Show me da money Sportsbet. Will go on-air to gloat at 10:15pm 😉

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Filling in Carter Edwards tonight from 6pm then back on again at the conclusion of the State of Origin.

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Bigots ruining someone’s career because they shared their religious beliefs on social media is NOT acceptable. I just donated $100 to Israel..

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On-air this Saturday from 2pm across the Super Radio Network. Looking forward to your company.

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