Dean Mackin chats with Pauline Hanson about her and her parties future political aspirations in Australia

I had a tremendous chat with Pauline Hanson’s One National Leader Pauline Hanson on Saturday night. Pauline touched on a wide range of views and policies that she and her party members would be taking with them to the next Federal election. Please have a listen to the podcast at the link below.

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  1. Peter Campbell 27/10/2015 at 6:54 pm - Reply

    Pauline. I watched your 1st speech in Parliament and was immediately taken by your honesty and straight forward opinions, and looking a little nervous. How you were treated after that was a total disgrace by all concerned. Now, your back, bigger, stronger, and more confident than ever. We,(Australia) need you. They wont listen to us. Even the drongo’s who voted this Govn’t in, are nothing to them. This country is headed for civil war if something does not done,, now… You go girl and stick it to the fools…

  2. boone 06/08/2016 at 3:42 pm - Reply

    Gday Pauline, I watched as the dogs of both parties tore you to shreds. Both my brother and I always voted for you; as you speak the truth.
    We know you wre set up by the mob.We cant get taht back now, but the future for this country now has some light on it.
    We australians are controlled on both sides by fascists representatives of international banks; the rules are simple: there can be no other choices these are the rules> Hence you persecution!

    For you to stand as you have; sometimes alone shows great determination and untmost bravery………you are a beautuful woman in every way and the only true patriot left on the political scene.
    This has thankfully now changed since the election.
    Yes get after these vermin crooks; we are here but cant be heard: there will need to be another election very soon..more and more will follow the truth!
    There will be many happy days after this for all Aussies.
    In the end Pauline; God loves your truth, you cant be stopped.

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